Penny Wise

The Broke and the Beautiful


The weather in Michigan has been horrific lately, so nothing is new with the world. Our outfits today were pretty similar and it called for our first joined outfit post. Be excited. Yes, we are also sorority girls. Unabashedly Greek. TSM (:

Ohema . Ohene

Ohema Ohene, meaning Queen and King in the Ghanaian language Twi. That is the brand that I copped my very awesome African fabric brogues from. This was the best bad decision I made this summer. They were a tad pricey, especially with having to pay for shipping from Britain, but I’m yet to regret it. My swagger runneth over when I wear these. You should check out their website, I love the high-tops but I’m far too poor to even consider them.


Shoes: Ohema Ohene

Jeans: DKNY

Shirt: GAP

Earrings: Thrifted  

Where did you go, Sunshine? I miss you!

So the summer is over and winter is fast approaching. I am a rebel, though; I have to milk wearing sandals for as long as I can, come hail or snow storm. I also haven’t worn jeans in such a long time, so this was a foreign feeling to me, but it felt so good!! (Mainly because I still have my summer body). Sidenote: Either the cameraman is a comedian or there is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to take pictures while people, who don’t know what you are upto, keep walking by. Sheesh! Can’t a girl secretly blog in peace? 


Jeans: Target

Jacket: Thrifted c/o Banana Republic

Scarf: Gap

Cami: Forever21

Sandals: Bata

Plain White Tee

You know, the nineties were not so bad. They brought us over-sized jeans, denim on denim, cropped tops, turtle necks, mum jeans, scholls sandals…good grief, actually those were dark times. That being said, when done kind-of-ish right, those styles can be pulled off half decently. I like cropped tops and obnoxious tied up shirts all over again. Still gathering up the pretend confidence to wear them with a skirt instead of over a dress though.


Dress; American Eagle

Shirt: Toi Market? It was 4 years ago.

Shoes: Payless

Bag: H&M

Earrings: Gifted

Sunglasses: Free Samples